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Sammy D

I’m new to Islam this year so I’m building up my islamic clothing collection. This Khimar has made salah so much more easeful, hamdullilah I love it. I don’t have to worry about my neck showing and I really love the entire coverage. The material feels so lovely to touch as well. Happy with this item, I’ll going to grab in more colours inshallah 🥰

Mona E.

S.hukr’s latest book is beyond amazing. Coming from a female reader and this book being directed at men, it is still nothing short of outstanding. Alhamdulillah I finally have his whole collection and I look forward to all his work to come as well In Sha Allah.

Aliz K.

This is my very first abaya, and I'm absolutely in love with its quality. I chose it in a chocolate color, which looks lovely - brownish in the shade and slightly reddish in the sun. The fabric feels fantastic too!

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