Custom Hijabs Boxes

We get alot of people asking if we can create a custom hijab box with different colours, sizes and even particular accessories.

So we decided to create this simple step by step guide that will help you create a custom hijab box exactly the way you want it.

1. Pick Your Hijabs Colours

Add the hijab colours you want to your cart and make sure they meet the requirements below.


Modal Hijab Box: Add 4 - 6 Hijabs

Jersey Hijab Box: Add 3 - 4 Hijabs

Chiffon + Cap Hijab Box: Add 4 - 6 Hijabs

Pashmina Hijabs: Add 4 - 6 Hijabs

Mixed Hijab Box: Add 5 Hijabs

2. Add Accessories

This step is optional

Note: Add 1-2 Hijab Accessories per box

3. Add Hijab Box

And you are Done!

Now head over to the checkout
and complete your order today <3