Why Fajr Noor?

100% Satisfaction Guranteed

Every order is packed with love and we guarantee 100% Satisfaction with every product that we sell. We take our product reviews seriously and do our absolute best (within our capacity) to correct any problems or offer a full refund.

Profits are Donated

At Fajr Noor, charity is an important part of our brand. So, whenever you shop with us, a portion of every sale is donated to those in need. This not only helps those in need but allows us and our customers to purify our wealth.

Fast & Reliable Worldwide Delivery

We offer standard and express shipping through our delivery partners, Australia Post and DHL, to ensure quick and reliable delivery no matter where you live around the world. Every step of the process is tracked and communicated with you from order confirmation to delivery.

Sustainability Goals

Islam has a rich tradition of highlighting the importance of the environment and our goal is to reach 100% Carbon Neutrality. 3 ways we are acheiving this is through our packaging, delivery network and our products.

Why should you shop with us?

Well you don't have to, but we believe that if you do give us a chance, you will not be disappointed and that you will come to love a growing brand that has won the hearts of many.

At Fajr Noor our main goal is to spread goodness. Our products bring positivity to the lives of our customers via the reminders they encapsulate. We want to invite people closer to a more meaningful lifestyle, a lifestyle that that brings them closer to a more spirtual connection with God.