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Is Valentine's day Haram in Islam?

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If you were born Muslim, you probably already know the answer but to those who are new to Islam, lets anwser the popular question, "Is Valentine's day Haram in Islam?"

Valentine's Day is a holiday celebrated annually on February 14th, and is a day of love and affection. The origins of the holiday are debated, but it is believed to have originated from Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine.

The holiday has evolved over time and is now celebrated by couples all over the world, with the exchange of gifts, flowers, and cards being a common practice.

However, the celebration of Valentine's Day is a controversial topic in some cultures and religions.

In Islam, for example, celebrating Valentine's day is considered haram (forbidden) because it's a holiday that originates in another religion and has nothing to do with the teachings of the Prophet pbuh.

Therefore, if a person gives their husband/wife a gift on the day with the intent to celebrate Valentine's, it's considered a major sin.

However, Islam does encourage married couples to express love to each other, it just should not be as part of these celebrations.

Showing love, affection and kindness can be done 365 days a year and does not need to be reserved for one special day on a specific event.

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