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Top 8 Essential Abaya Fabrics - You Must Know Before Buying!

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We want you to pick the right fabic for you, so we have compiled this comprehensive list just to make sure know the essentials of Abaya Fabics before you make your purchase. <3

The most common fabrics you will find are:

  • Nidha
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Chiffon
  • Georgette
  • Cotton
  • Jersey

The main factor when choosing your Abaya is the Fabric as this can make all the difference. Some fabric are comfortable during summer and others during winter. Some fabric can worn everyday while others are reserved for special occasions.

This guide will help you make the best choice by understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each Abaya Fabric.

Let's start with the most common fabric used for Dubai Abayas

1. Nidha

 Benefits Drawbacks
Soft & Comfortable Feel Expensive
Perfect for Hot Climates
Great for Indoor Occassions
Can be worn Everyday or for Special Events
Easy to Wash

The Nidha material is soft and elegant fabric that is made from 100% polyester. This makes it great for hot weather and typically used in hot climates such as Dubai. It can worn everyday and special occassions. There are variations in Nida however we only stock the finest quality of Nidha Fabric Abayas.

2. Linen 

 Benefits Drawbacks
Soft & Comfortable Feel Expensive
Biodegradable & Durable
Wrinkles Easily
Great for Hot Climates
Perfect to be worn Everyday
Easy to Wash

    Linen is considered to be the strongest of all natural fibres and since it naturally produced, it is biodegradable and great for the enviroment. It is perfect for everyday wear as linen does not wear over time as much as other fabrics. The breathable material, making it perfect to wear in hot climates.

    3. Chiffon

     Benefits Drawbacks
    Soft & Lightweight
    Easily Flammable
    Breathable Material Handwash
    Great for Indoors & Outdoors
    Can be worn Everyday or Special Events

      Chiffon is very beautifully. It is an elegant, lightweight, soft fabric that can be transparent if used to make a garment without a lining. Chiffon is commonly made of Polyester. It can be used for making beautiful hijabs like our beautiful selection of Chiffon Hijabs.

      4. Jersey

       Benefits Drawbacks
      Soft Feel Expensive
      All Season Material
      Stretchy & Wrinkly Resistant
      Perfect to be worn Everyday or Special Events


      • Soft & Durable Feel
      • Stretchy & Wrinkle Resistance
      • All Season Material
      • Perfect to be worn Everyday and for Special Events

      Jersey is unique material that can be worn in any season. It is stretchy and wrinkly resistance, which makes it great for everyday wear and special occassions. It is very verstile such that is can be used in tops, dresses, skirts and more importantly Abayas.

      5. Satin

       Benefits Drawbacks
      Luxurious & Lightweight Feel Expensive
      Smooth & Glossy Material Not for Winter
      Perfect for Special Events

        Satin is a High End Luxury Fabric that is similar to Silk. It is common used for Evening Gowns ready to sleep or Abaya dresses when you want to look your best. If you like Satin, then check our best selling Satin Abayas.

        6. Georgette

         Benefits Drawbacks
        Beautiful & Lightweight Feel Heavy & Dense
        All Season Material
        Great for Indoor & Outdoor Occasions

          A beautiful fabric with similar qualities to chiffon however a little more dense and opaque in nature. It is very strong and is used for asian wear such as sarees. But can make for beautiful light Abayas.

          7. Silk

           Benefits Drawbacks
          Luxurious & Lightweight Feel Expensive
          Smooth, Glossy & Breathable Scarce
          Health Benefits such as reduced aging and improved sleep
          Perfect for All Occassions

            A beautiful yet expensive material, which is produced from silkworms. This luxurious material which is great for the environment, has many health benefits and will make you feel like beautiful at any occasion. It makes a great high quality material for luxury abayas.

            8. Cotton

             Benefits Drawbacks
            Comfortable & Breathable Easily Flamable
            All Natural Material
            Perfect to wear Everyday
            Great for Indoor & Outdoor Events

              A natural fabric which has several advantages when used in making garments. It's great for insulating and proves to be very comfortable. It's also the perfect choice for Hijabs which is why our Cotton Hijabs are such a popular purchase. 

              I hope this information helps you when picking an outfit for yourself or even a loved one!

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