Eid Gift Ideas

Top 5 Muslim Gifts to get your Muslim Friend!

Top 5 Muslim Gifts to get your Muslim Friend!

What gift do you give a Muslim?

Shopping for gifts can be easy if you want something average, but sometimes you need something special for someone special. A muslim to be specific. That's why Fajr Noor has products that allow people to express their heritage and faith.

We're going to break down some of our favourite gifts that you can give to a loved one. Whether they're Muslim, speak Arabic, or just appreciate the beauty of the Islamic culture, there's something special for everyone. 

#5 - Islamic Books

"Knowledge is power."

It's true, even in Islam we are encouraged to seek knowledge in matters of Religion (Deen) but also in matters of our worldly affairs. And Islamic books are a great way to learn about both perspectives. Education is a wonderful gift you can give someone that opens their mind but also their heart. We believe Islamic books are not just ordinary books but provide value to mind, the heart and the soul. 

Islamic Books make a great gift especially for young adults who are eager to explore this world and make a postive difference.

Check our Islamic Books here!

#4 - The Arabic Letter Necklace (+ Letter Collection)

The Arabic Letter Necklace is our favourites.

It's no surprise that the Arabic language is a stunning one. Because of its poetic nature, even a single letter can make someone feel connected to culture and language. And because of its beauty, even if your friend doesn't speak Arabic, this piece could still serve as the perfect gift. It's a timeless, minimal, and meaningful piece. There's nothing like your initial in real gold in a gorgeous language!

Check our Arabic Letter Necklace here!

#3 - The Ayatul Kursi Cuff / Necklace

Ayatul Kursi is one of the most powerful verses of the entire Qur'an and to carry it on a cuff is a sure fire way to blow a friend's mind with the beauty and meaning behind it.

This piece leaves no detail spared, since the piece is engraved on the outside and inside. It's also adjustable so it fits on ANY wrist which just makes the gifting process that much easier!

Check our Ayatul Kursi Cuff here!

#2 - Hijab Boxes

Our New Hijab Boxes are the Perfect Gift for every Hijabi.

Each box comes in 6 beautiful chiffon shades that are ideal for everyday wear and drape easily in every season. Made from premium quality chiffon and encased in our custom made boxes are sure to make them smile.

Perfect Gift option for Ramdan, Eid, celebrating someone who have just put on the hijab or someone who need positive encouragement.

Check our Hijab Boxes here! 

#1 - Abayas

As our first place winner, the Abayas are a no brainer.

They are the ultimate gift to give this Ramadan / Eid. Imagine getting a good deed everytime someone wears modest clothing that you gifted them, well you don't have to imagine anymore, you can do it now by gifting them one of our abayas.

They are all made from premium materials and comfortable to wear. Perfect gift for every Muslim Woman, especially those who want to be closer to Allah this Ramadan.

Check our Abayas here!

We hope this blog helped you find something perfect for your loved one. Whether you need something for someone who speaks Arabic, practices Islam, or just appreciates the cultural beauty.

Shop all of Fajr Noor favourites here!

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