What is an Abaya? How do I wear it?

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What is an Abaya Dress?

Well it is quite simply a loose-fitting dress or garment worn typically by Muslim women. The religion of Islam advises both men and women to dress modestly, thus they wear loose-fitting clothing to accomplish this.

Abayas are becoming considerably more common as the realm of modest fashion has developed. With the selection of thousands of beautiful designs to choose from, they have become a real Fashion Statement. Beyond religion and tradition, the Abaya has gained appeal worldwide and is no longer exclusively for Muslim women.

It is for every women who values her body as sarcred and understands that true beauty lies in Haya (modesty). As the Prophet pbuh said

"Faith consists of more than sixty branches. And Haya is a part of faith." (Sahih Al Bhukari Vol.1:9) and "Haya does not bring anything except good." (Bukhari)

You can find a huge range of Online Abayas at Fajr Noor.

Now how do I wear an Abaya?

So many options.. Classically you will find open abayas and closed abayas. With the two options you have so many available ways to wear them. Let's start with the Open Abaya.

Open Abaya

These can be layered by wearing them over a dress to finish the look or used to complete your modest outfit. You can definitely find one to suit your needs because they come in so many different colours and designs.

Our stunning Aisha Abayas are a perfect example of an Open Abaya that can be worn as an accompaniment or on it's own. A beautiful modest wear abaya.

Closed Abaya

A closed Abaya is usually styled on it's own or can be accompanied with a Jacket over it. Our beautiful closed Khatijah Abayas is a perfect example of a closed abaya. Simply luxurious, can be worn on it's own or you can wear an abaya to accompany and complete your modest fit.


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