Best Hijab Material for Summer

Best Hijab Material for Summer
This easy to follow guide will help you discover fun Hijab friendly outfits for Summer. And let you know the perfect hijab material for summer.
Summer months usually include light garments in brighter or pastel colours. While you can switch up your style, it's also the perfect opportunity to try some new hijab styles.
We know you can remain modest in summer with lightweight hijab materials.

Summer hijab materials

There is a huge range of materials for you to choose from for your hijab, to suit all weathers and occasions.
Summertime is the season for lighter looser materials with brighter colours. We want to avoid dark colours like black as they absorb the most sunlight.
Breathable fabics like cotton, silk, chiffon, modal and georgette are best for summer.
You should avoid polyester materials like rayon or viscose. They are not breathable and will cause you to overheat and sweat.
You will love our modal hijabs, they are breathable, non slip and ideal for every look. They are also lightweight and hijabis love weather them during summer time.
We also offer chiffon hijabs with undercaps included and 10+ colours to choose from. Easy and affordable way to get ready for summer.
Check our Hijab collection today.

Summer hijab colours

At Fajr Noor, we offer a wide range of colours. There is something for every season. Light shades and Darker shades.
We hope you stay away from darker colours due to their ability to absorb the most sunlight. Instead we recommend lighter shades like our popular sky blue and skin tone colour.

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