Inspirational Quotes from Noor upon Noor Book

Noor upon Noor Book

Looking for Islamic Inspiration? Well we got the perfect book for you.

Below are some of the best Islamic inspirational quotes and deen and dunya. They are from the book: Noor upon Noor by the author @s.hukr

  1. “If you're way of dawah is pushing people away from Islam. Then you are the problem. Not Islam.”
  2. “Islam has made it clear that forced marriages are Haram.”
  3. “Priotise people over worldly things. It might be a dua that saves you from hell fire.”
  4. "I am at peace because I know that Allah's greatest work happens in the most impossible situations."
  5. "Please don't criticise someone in front of everyone. Make that conversation private. Hide sins, hide mistakes, don't expose them."
  6. "Some people will never change, no matter how much you care."
  7. "The mosque is free of charge but most of the time it's empty. The clubs and shisha lounges, places of sin, are paid but mostly full. It's free to earn Jannah and expensive to earn hell."
  8. "There is no wealth like intelligence, no poverty like ignorance, no inheritance like good manners."
  9. "Happiness was asked, where do you live? It replied, in the hearts of those content with Allah's decree."
  10. "Being humble, wise and sincere. Now that's attractive."

Noor upon Noor is the perfect book to get this Ramadan, it has the perfect balance of Islamic quotes that will push you to becoming a better Muslim this Ramadan inshallah.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy, Click Here!

And maybe get an extra copy for a dear friend as gift. In the process you'll earn an extra good deed and maybe even a dua.

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