20 Top Islamic Love Quotes from Through His Eyes Book

You are artwork. I could admire you forever through his eyes book

Through His Eyes has over 200 quotes by the sensational author @s.hukr. If you didn't know, his books have gone viral on tiktok. Young people love them and have found peace in his quotes and poetry.

Here are our best 20 quotes from the book that we think you will love:

  1. “You say you love deen but run after Dunya. You say you love to pray but miss your Salah. You say you love Allah but spend time with Shaytan. That’s why I’m scared when you say you love me.”
  2. “You have to live with you for the rest of your life, so why aren’t you in love with yourself?”
  3. “Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul. Someone will notice and start helping you.”
  4. “After our nikah, Imma cry and thank Allah because you are God’s greatest gift to me. I will treasure you forever.”
  5. “I pray God grants me your soul in this world but if not in this world then forever in Jannah.”
  6. “It’s not: What’s your number? Its: How are you?, Are you okay? I care about you.”
  7. “You could be the most beautiful woman in town but if you don't have Haya, I won't find you attractive. Capisce.”
  8. “I don’t want to see a picture of you,show me your heart, show me your soul. Let me recognise my soulmate. It ain’t about the looks, it’s about vibes.”
  9. “Did anyone tell you? That if stealing wasn’t haram, I’d steal your heart and take you to Jannah.”
  10. “Marry a soul you plan on taking to Jannah.”
  11. “My old soul is tired. Not from my age but my time away from you. I miss you deeply.”
  12. “And when a man talks from his heart and his tongue doesn’t lie, he speaks poetry.”
  13. “She isn’t looking for riches, beauty orpoetry. She is looking to be understood,respected and loved. Respect is how you attract her, understanding her will give her security and love will make her yours forever. Why are guys so dumb and selfish?”
  14. “It’s so rare to find a Muslim family that actually follows Islam, instead of culture that contradicts Islam. Now read that again.”
  15. “Far beyond the chaos of Dunya, I’ll wait for you in this hidden valley I call love. Hold my hand and let me read your eyes. I want to melt your heart and touch your soul.”
  16. “I might be ugly, but I’ll make you feel butterflies every morning, take you on adventures every evening and you can keep the keys to my heart for eternity.”
  17. “When you meet people assume the best in them, don’t go looking for mistakes because you will find them. Rather, look for potential because every soul has the potential to enter paradise.”
  18. “Be sweet even when others are sour, you have no idea what they went through.”
  19. “My home will be a home with no loud anger, no explosive rage, no slamming doors or breaking glass, no name calling, shaming or blackmail. My home will be gentle, it will be warm. It will keep my loved ones safe. A place of peace, love, sabr and deen.”
  20. “Men who marry for only beauty and Women who marry for only money are equally robbed in the end.”

If you love what you hear, purchase a copy of Through His Eyes Today or gift it to a friend who is about to get married.

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