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What is Meaningful Jewellery?

What is Meaningful Jewellery?

Jewellery is worn for many different reasons to appear beautiful, or to express your unique style or your unique personality. Which are all valid, but jewellery can also be worn to carry beautiful meanings and reminders.

Meaningful Jewellery is simply a piece of jewellery that holds value not only in its materials or the way it is crafted, but also what is symbolises and represents. It can have a sentimental value associated with it, such an engagement ring, a rose necklace or even a map necklace. Jewellery can be reminder of precious moments, people and even faith.

At Fajr Noor, we want to design meaning jewellery such that it brings us closer to Islam. Not only Islam but everything that is associated with Jannah (Paradise). Reminders such as gratitude, patience, love, tawakkul (trust in Allah) etc. is what we hold dear. Such jewellery make wonderful gifts especially during celebrations such Eid-ul-Fitr.

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