Ways to support Palestine

Ways to support Palestine, News

We stand with Palestine and this short lived tread should not be forgotten so easily. Israel and its cruel and cowardly acts must be condemned. Palestinians deserve freedom and support through the injustice they are facing. Palestine is counting on the world to spread the truth and to support them in everyway possible.

We have compiled a list of things you can do right now. Remember, every effort goes a long way.

1. Sign the petition for the Australian govt. to sanction Isra*l.

2. Write a letter to your local MP

3. Boycott products that support Isra*l by using the Buycott app when you shop.

4. Show solidarity at the next protest for Palest!ne

5. Display a "Free Palest!ne" poster at your shopfront/workplace/home

6. Sign the petition to save Sheikh Jarrah

7. Donate to Palest!nian organisations

8. Educate yourself & others about Palest!ne

We're also pledging to donate 100% proceeds from all palestinian products in our store to support palestinians at Fajr Noor. May Palestine be Free!

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