6 Steps to Promote Modesty (Haya) in Islam

How to be a Modest Muslim Woman? Fajr Noor Australia

Islam highly values modesty. Modesty (Haya) is an important part of our Faith.

Prophet Muhammad said:

"Haya does not bring anything except good." Source: Bukhari

Modesty isn't just about the cloths you wear, it includes your behaviour with others. How you speak, how you look and how ultimately how you carry yourself in society. 

The good news is that anyone can become more modest. It just takes effort and the right attude. If you're not sure where to get started, don't worry you are at the right place —this blog post will walk you through some simple changes you can make to start becoming a more modest Muslim.

Step 1. Start wearing the Hijab if you haven't already

You have to start somewhere and the best place to start is with the fard (compulsory) of Islam. Allah will automatically put barakat in your life when you do things for His sake. He will make it easier for you but you need to put in the effort first.

If you don't have any hijabs or scarfs, you can purchase an essential hijab box or a few individual colours that you feel comfortable with, we recommend black as its a go to for so many Muslim women and make sure to get undercaps too.

You can start by wearing the hijab at home and start to become familiar with how to wear it and how to style it to match you. Overtime you can start to wear it outside and become a full time hijabi.

Step 2. Resist the urge to brag about yourself

Modest people do not brag about their wealth or accomplishments. They do not go out of their way to tell people things that may make them jealous. Your material things should not define you.

You should not post everything about your life on social media. It's very true, "A private life is a very happy life." and on top that the evil eye exists and we must do our part to protect us from that.

Therefore you shouldn't boast about anything. Keep it lowkey and only share personal matter with people you trust.

Step 3. Accept compliments without an ego

Receiving compliments should not get to you. You need to remain humble and accept the compliment graciously with a smile, but you should not let it feed into your ego or make you think that you're better than others.

  • You have to recognize that everyone has strengths and weaknesses and nobody is better than others except those that are closest to Allah.
  • When someone compliments one of your good deeds, you can practice being modest by thanking that person and complimenting them on one of their goodness.

Step 4. Live below your means

Even if you are blessed with tremedous wealth, one should always live a very simple life. Verily a simple life leads to a happy life.

Your worldly things, expensive bags or jewellery should not be in your posession to make you feel good. It is better to give, give through charity, give through gifts. That will make you more happy.

You don't need thousands of cloths or hundreds of shoes, or an abundance of things. A few will suffice. An abundance of things will not make you modest in the sight of Allah.

Living below your means doesn't mean you must suffer, it just means you should never allow money or world things to foster your ego or desires.

Step 5. Wear Clothing that is not revealing

While getting comfortable with Hijabs, you also need to get comfortable with modest dresses and modest wear. You need to stop wearing tight, fitting cloths especially when you go public.

The clothing you wear must be loose and it should cover your awrah (Intimate parts in Islam). We recommend abayas as they are worn by muslim women around the world and come in many styles and variety.

Our Khatijah Abayas are comfortable and modest to wear inside and outside the home. You should definitely check them out.

Step 6. Avoid Extremes

Avoid extremes at both ends of the spretrum. Don't go crazy with makeup such that you look like a Kardashian nor become those people that say "makeup is haram".

Islam is all about balance. It about is finding balance that is allowed in Islam and alows in one life.

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